Friday, August 29, 2008

Rock On Review

So here is my take on the movie Rock On.
To start with although is the movie is about a rock band don’t except a lot of noisy characters, that does not mean it will bore you to death. The trailers its self made me realize that this is going be on the lines of the Hollywood Rock Band themed movies like Almost Famous And That thing you do. And true to itself it has lived up to my expectations.

So here is the plot... This the story of 4 men, Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar), Rob Nancy (Luke Kenny), Joe Mascarenhas (Arjun Rampal ) and Kedar Zaveri aka KD for Killer Drummer (Purab Kohli) . It’s the story of their present and of their past and their battle to win a rock band competition. Aditya is the investment banker who has truck loads of money, status, plush house in the heart of the city and beautiful wife – Saakshi (Prachi Desai) to compliment all this. Despite having it all Aditya is incomplete. There is this immense disconnect between him and all things (including wife) around him. This widens the gap between the couple and the wife is clueless as to why all these are happening until she stumbles across some pictures and videos of his past which reveal a different side of Aditya.

The movie is constantly switching back and forth from present to flash back but mind you it really doesn’t confuse you even a bit. The director has made a conscious effort to make sure that there is a 10 year gap in the looks of the flash back and the present and has managed to not go overboard. Farhan has made an effort in his singing and has compensated the rest through his acting. He is one hell of an eye candy. Arjun Eampal has done a fantastic job. He plays the Joe Mascarenhas who is still stuck at the time he was the lead guitarist in the band ten years back. Purab with his afro curls and the palited beard is really cool looking and has pulled off the part with grace. Prachi Desai even though doesnt have that much of a significant role has amazed for me for the sheer fact that is no trace of her saas bahu background in the movie. Common in Jalak Dikhla Ja she used to wear 3/4ths under her mini skirt. Also love her cool hairstyle (Suits her). Even the end of the movie is typically unlike Bollywood and more Hollywood.

All in all it’s a total paisa wasool and worth the 150/- bucks I spent especially since I got the Gold Class tickets


Anonymous,  29/8/08 2:46 AM  

In Sync ...with your Opinion.....

Smini 1/9/08 10:00 AM amazing movie...

Anonymous,  4/9/08 2:33 AM  


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Anu 4/9/08 8:40 AM  

Wanted to watch the movie, and now I think I will.. Thanks for the review

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