Monday, December 17, 2007

Some Doggy News

So now you know what is going to be on our family christmas postcards. It is her first chirstmas and I guess she was sportive enough to pose with weird costumes of another species. But not entirely happy though :D

An early jump start with the christmas preparation this weekend I found myself digging into old trucks and dusty loft to pull out 'the special occasion curtains', the chirstmas tree and the ornaments and what not. All the cleaning and sorting plus some shopping (how could I not) kept me on my toes. Did I mention that you are also looking a possibly expectant first time mom (in the photo duh-uh!) . Well its not yet confirmed but we are hoping for one. Will keep you informed if so. Infact if she really is expecting then for the next couple of weeks (may be months) all this space will offer is dicussions of morning sickness, food cravings, pregnancy, hormonal changes, labour pains, sleepless nights, pups, poops and so on. Now dont say that I dint warn you. :)

People might think I am nuts to get my gal mated while staying alone in a crazy city like Mumbai with no support from family, plus work full time. What can I say? Just that I am aware that I am getting into and have made sure that I have enough domestic help and some good friends. Did I mention that so far it has been fun although hellishly hectic? :D
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the rain tree 23/12/07 10:23 PM  

work kept be totally busy n so late to drop in.

but wht am i seeing here??? oh ma god...she looks so damn cute in this pic. muuaahh..
n puppies..i love them but the morning sickness....pups n poops...errr,,im worried

pallavi 24/12/07 1:00 AM  

she look too cute.. and all the best for the expectant mom..

I wish I could keep one of the pups.. sigh

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