Thursday, December 20, 2007

2007- The Year It Was

So it’s another year and we are at the edge of 2007. Guess its time to look back and just enjoy the experiences. A funny thing with us human beings is that when in crisis, you literally crib, cry and kick your legs in the air. But when we go past the experience and look back at it, all we do is laugh at it. At least that is what I always do.
Precisely that what I was doing today; looking back at my Dec 2005 & Dec 2006 posts and now this year. What can I say? Well 2005 I was chugging along in my own la la land with my incey wincey problems. 2006 started of the best possible way and ended in the worst possible way. 2007 was all about recovering from a heartache, rediscovering love (yup that’s her in a snooze mode) and discovering GOA (yeah my trip to Goa). Overall looking aback at this I cannot say it was the best year for me nor can I slot it as the worst year. If at all I have to sum up 2007, it was full of learnings, experiences and it has changed me as an individual. Some of my perspectives and views have changed in the last 1 2 months. Each year changes me and I always feel its for the better. What I am looking forward to 2008? Not a clue! I like it that way... to just go with the tide :D Merry Christmas and Happy New year friends.
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the rain tree 23/12/07 10:24 PM  

wish u d same....:) :)

Pallavi 24/12/07 12:59 AM  

Awwwww wish you the same I love the pic... hugssss to the gal... Muaahhh

Jinguchakka 24/12/07 3:45 AM  

Wish you a happy 2008!
Hope 2008 is a year of hectic blogging activity for us.

Rebus 30/12/07 10:38 PM  

Yeah exactly what I felt; in perspective reminiscencing the days doesnt always look that bad, and maybe that is not the end of the story itself just a bad interval. Enjoi the tata-byebye and the year ahead.
Gosh those eyes can say so much you sure would be diving each day and forgeting your blues!!

Viewer 30/12/07 11:53 PM  

@ the rain tree: Thnks for the wishes. How are u?

@ Pallavi: Thnks 4 the wishes

@ Jinguchakka: Thnks 4 the wishes

@Rebus: Yeah she is really is cute

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