Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Plus size shopping

Shopping for clothes frustrates me to the core. I hate the whole world when I zoom past shelves that house wide variety for the under nourished and ameciated population of the country. The god damn sales girl almost makes you feel guilty of you size when she says "Sorry the last size we have is 36"inches" Did I mention that she is so darn skinny that she might just fly off the ground if I sneeze? Being over weight in India is always considered as a big offense. Every one is ready to give their wisely advice free of cost even when not required. Try lime and honey, eat salads, do this exercise, visit this doctor, go there, do this, do that and what not. I mean common the poor soul already knows that he/she is tripping the scale do u really need to make it worse?

Even if the person can handle all the nosey and idiotic people around them it really kills an overweight person to realise that fashion too has kick them on their a%^*# and has shown them the way out. I feel like shooting those son of b&^*%salesman who comes and tell me "This will not fit you" the moment I put out something from the rack. India is still one of those countries who has not yet accepted weight issues completely, even though today a good percentage of the population are overweight.

But there are a very few (almost a handful) who have identified the needs of the overweight population and have tried to make a difference. You might have to shell out a few 100s more but there are worth it. Companies like Pantaloons have a section exclusively for the plus size population which is pretty reasonable and decent for over weight people like me.


kyla,  22/8/07 5:29 AM  

i hear you there.. Revolution is another good one, but plus size retailers really are few and far between. I adore shopping but majority of time I come home with self esteem through the floor after not fitting anything in every shop i go into.. so depressing. I think curvy women are expected to get tailor made shapeless salwar sets to hide our shameful bodies.. pffft

the rain tree 31/8/07 3:38 AM  

very true.
i put on lots of pound over the past few months n nothing in my closet fits me. mornings are very depressive coz of dat.
n i started wearing a lot of salwar n kurta which my friends revolted against.
n i stopped shoppin as it made me very depressed. small to medium and now medium to large. n all these fucking branded shops dont have anything for me

The Bhandari's 3/9/07 4:21 AM  

yup same problem with sachin to find clothes fitting him, but then back in india we too had visited hyd central to see ALL brand, have got lot of variety and purchased good qty too but it really effected our wallets badly

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