Monday, August 27, 2007

Maid hunting reality & todays generation

Today has been the lousiest day of all, and the most stressful one too. I am a little concerned about my dogs skin problem. It may not be a big thing but as a friend of mine used to say that I am always happy being unhappy. I guess that is my nature.

In the midst of all this did I mention that since almost a month back my 3yr old maid left the job. It was getting a bit over the top with her leaving the fridge door open a whole day, locking Mandy in the bed room, leaving all the lights and fans on the whole day. She had this feeling that is indispensable and was back answering despite doing the above mentioned stupidities and plus coming and going and doing work as per her convenience. I hate when people act so after helping in all possible ways I can. Although I did kick her out I must that in a way I was used to her coming and doing some extra small work (of course at a cost) for me like scraping coconut, washing the veggies, and sometimes even cooking up a meal for me when I was unwell. I did manage to find a new maid but not that impressed with her work. Besides I don't feel like asking her to help me out with the itsy bitsy work, because of which these days I rarely cook at home. To cut to the chase I think the struggle might just be over finally. I had asked some of my friends to look for a 24/7 maid and one of them got back to me today morning saying that there is one who is ready to start work immediately. Since I was already on my way to work I have told that I will drop by in the evening.

Foreigners who come to India love the fact that they can get domestic help here so easily and at very less cost. Although India faces huge poverty issue, we Indians have kinda used to having domestic help if not for full day , then for a couple of hours at least. To foreigners this might seem like a luxury which they can only afford it in their dreams back home. Sometimes I wonder how did I ever manage back in the day (say 3 yrs back) without a maid, washing my own clothes (mind u no washing machine), washing the vessels, sweeping, swabbing, dusting, cleaning etc. etc. Today if my maid is on leave for a day or so I happily avoid doing my daily laundry and wait for her to come back and do it.
I really appreciate my mom for this. Today at the at the age of 53 my mom cooks, cleans the house, looks after my little sister and teaches for a good 10-11 hrs and still manages to find time for more activities, and all this she does it with perfection. Guess to me she is the supermom.

Sometimes I feel that all generation alive today have it a little too easy and are over indulging. Right from the kids to working men & women to retirees all have a way more comfortable life than what they had about 10-20yrs back. This simply means that we have progressed if not 100% but at least 50%. But with progress have we become for strong and independent? ........I donno, I don't think so...


Reeta Skeeter 28/8/07 10:46 PM  

All moms r supermoms I think.. i feel like an oldie in front of her... good luck with ur new maid! Cheers!

The Bhandari's 3/9/07 4:18 AM  

I agree we indian are really used to maid scenario which I realize now when am out of india for last 2 yrs adn know I have to do every single work on my own and really miss my days when I used to have maid to perform all this and even if she takes one day leave was like headache to me and now am the only one doing all this....

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