Wednesday, June 06, 2007

England Weather

Yes that exactly how I can describe my mood lately. Today its bright and sunny and the very next day its gloomy. So unpredictable and fluctuating like the typical moody crab. Well I guess that is just being me, although as mentioned in my last post, these days I tend to lean towards more of the negative side.
Today am a happy gal ( yest I was all down). A good 33% raise, a colleague treating me to tasty 3 course lunch, no deadlines (at least for today) and in just an hour I will be heading home (relatively small day at work), I guess my sunny days are back again ... when in actual its cloudy outside :)


Anonymous,  6/6/07 9:24 PM  

dat sounds great!! be happy -happy :).
our hikes was like peanuts :( :( *sob sob*.
yeah...ur folks wid u? howz it going?

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