Sunday, February 18, 2007

Movies this weekend

Oh my GOD, its just another Monday but today its feel like this day is never gonna end. I want to finish the work I started on Thursday.( yeah ppl I had a 3 day weekend cause of Mahashivratri) but my mind is not up to it. All I want right now is to be in the comforts of my bed, nicely tucked in between the soft pillows.

Saw some good number of movies this weekend.

I had wanted to see this movie, since quiet some time but never really got around seeing until this weekend. There is nothing extraordinarily great about this movie but nevertheless I did like it very much. One of the reasons I am a BIG Depp fan is because of the quirky characters he plays. His character, here as Willy Wonka is totally weird with the haircut, the over sized sunglasses and the weird skin color.

All in all its not a bad watch but I wont its a gr8 one though.

Another very good movie I had wanted to see since some time but only got around seeing it this weekend. Salaam Bombay is about the lives of the street kids in Bombay. Mira Nair was able to throw the harsh reality which lies on the streets of Mumbai on the faces of the audience. Being her first film, with the limited budget and the other constrains the movie still manages to make u feel a bit sick in the stomach, at some point or the other.

In all a great movie which u should not miss.

I have this peculiar liking for the all the comic book story turned to movies. Although Electra is not that a prominent comic hero figure this is a good watch if you really have nothing to do on a weekend. Jenifer Garner is good with all the hi-tech stunts and surely she has worked her body very well to do this stuff ( u can see it from her moves).

The villains in this movie boast of supernatural powers such as perceived invulnerability, killer halitosis, super speed, unbelievable balance and tattoos that turn into deadly animals. Were as Eelctra just has to depend upon her superb stunt and a little bit of sensing what will happen in the next couple of minutes.

If you have no other plans on a weekend this movie is not at all a bad choice.


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