Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A drop of heaven

Am Back! Finally from a nice, peaceful vacation in Goa. Although Goa is Maharastra's closest neighbour, I never had a chance to visit this tiny drop of heaven ( as Monica in Friends likes to call her home made chocolates) before.

Although its almost a week since I am back from Goa, I hve not been able to switch myself from the Goa mood yet.

Goa is Goa for its sun kissed beaches, a beautiful tan, yummylicious food, aesthetically prepared sea food (Gosh I wanna go back right now!) the cozily set ambience even in the dingiest coffee shops on the street. Someone I knew briefly, used to brag about Goa being this and Goa being that and the parties in Goa and the men and the booze blah blah. I never could understand was so exotic about then and even now I still don’t get it. The Goa I have experienced is totally different but yes it is very much exotic. The friendly people, the weather, the place, the food, the colors that unexplainable mood which settles over you are the things that I really found exotic about Goa.

Colors of Goa

Colors of Goa

Colors of Goa

Colors of Goa

One of the first things I noticed about the place is the Colors. Other than the greens and the blue sea and the golden/white sands on the beach the city explodes with a variety of colors. The streets, markets, and the lanes all seems like finished canvas of an eccentric artist. The place is colorful in the literal sense.

I found the city pretty much cleaner, despite that fact there thousands of tourists visiting this place on a daily basis. Being there I wished that our Mumbai could also be a little cleaner than what it is today. Is that too much to ask?


Calangute at a distance

One of the most unusual things I did in Goa was the Dolphin drive. Never ever in my life b4 I have seen Dolphins. Although got a chance to see , I dint get a chance to shoot them :(( They came up and went down so quickly that I dint manage to. The boat ride to see the Dolphins took us deep into the sea and the beach being pretty far away Calangute and Baga seems colorful with the reds and the blues. The beaches of Goa pretty much transport u to one of the Bollowood movies. Its full of foreigners sun bathing and people in their swimming suits ( cant really say that all of them have a perfect figure - both men n women) . There is also a good number of honeymooners cooing around the beaches. But I will tell ya Goa is not t he place for honeymoons, with the tent restaunrants spread all across the its the perfect place for a beach wedding.

This murel painting was on the walls of a Udipi Rest we used to go



Goa (especially nr the beach) is full or roadside cafes and open restaurants. Each of them has a unique but a total relaxed ambience. Sitting at these cafes u really feel very relaxed and chilled out. One doesn’t realize how time flies away sitting at these restaurants. Neither does one get a heart attack at the end seeing the bill. Food, especially sea food is pretty good and reasonable here. Booze is cheaper than water... almost. Total paisa vasool!

There a lot of places for sight seeing, churches, temples, forts, islands, and beaches. I don’t think one trip will be sufficient to experience the spirit of Goa. One needs to come back again again to this place and still will never be enough of it....

Click here to see more pictures.


co^th 9/2/07 1:49 AM  

cool! So am gonna get some tips from you when I visit that little drop of heaven :D

..and nice pics you got on that flickr as well!

The Bhandari's 14/2/07 11:28 PM  

Hey this reminded me of our goa trip last year 2006, I fell in love with Goa and yes u said right one trip is not sufficient :) I expereinced all these things and am still not out of goa feeling even after a year :) although couldn't go for dolphins thing but still enjoyed goa a lot, you can also see some of my Goa pics on flickr bbye

livinghigh 16/2/07 10:55 PM  

hehehe. ure right. goa is de ultimate chillin' place. u dont even mind it too much if u dont get to go to de happening nightclubs.. days on the beach, afternoons and evenings in the shacks, an excess of beer and cheap booze.... 'tiny drop of heaven'. hehe

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