Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spking My Heart

Thats something what I have not been doing since many weeks in my blog... I was too caught up in problems which I shudnot have allowed ito become a problem in the first place.

This is not the first time it has happenend to me that I have given the stearing in somebody elses hand, even without the other person asking for it. The cosequences of this is simple and straight... Disappointment and hurt.
Somtimes I feel that due to my own foolishness I become so vulnerable. And dogs tail which will never strainghten I will never learn my lesson.

How much is too much?? How much should you want to drag a thing till it becomes too much to bear?? I guess I myself can answer this question. It will not be too much til lthe time you want it badly in ur Life. The moment u feel that thsi is getting out of control and its too much to handel its OVER.

Accepting the truth, the reality is diffcult. Ofcourse it is difficult , how can u accept an overnight change in people esp when they mean the world to u. Although I am pathetic today and right now I find it impossible to rise above the situation, I know that I will get over it sooner or later, I have to and I will be fine. Its just a matter of time.


Coffee-on^the-housE 22/11/06 1:44 AM  

hmmm.. bad situation. Yea, itz gonna take time... so until then chillax and have loadsa coffee! Coffee is on the house!

Jinguchakka 22/11/06 9:43 AM  

It must be real hard. I am sorry. Hope you get over it asap.

AlterinG Abhishek 22/11/06 7:18 PM  

Hv written something for you on my change blog!!

Take a deep breath and rise out of this!!

Viewer 23/11/06 12:57 AM  

@Coffee-on^th-housE , @Jinguchakka, @ AlterinG Abhishek: thnks guys i will b fine in a matter of time

Coffee-on^the-housE 23/11/06 1:02 AM  

Oh! And did you identify who I am?! Am back to blogging again. *SIGH*

Anonymous,  23/11/06 4:57 AM  

Chin up girl! You will do fine,if it makes you unhappy don't do it. :)

Coffee-on^the-housE 23/11/06 8:19 PM  

they call me *dreamvendor*

Coffee-on^the-housE 23/11/06 9:16 PM  

he he! Finally!

I can't be better than this :) Thanks!

Hope you are feeling better today. Have a nice day!

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