Monday, November 20, 2006

The Market

Shopping is in a way theraputic for me... I like to shop whenever I get a chance. On of my favourite place in Mumbai to shop nick nacks for my house is Crawford market - A place which is always bustling with activities.. Hawkers shouting their guts out hoping to attract customers, People bargaining to get a steal deal ( Trust me u really find things pretty affordable and reasonble), Men pulling heavy loads on carts and trying to squeeze intothe tiny lanes... these are some of the things u will always find in Crawford. Last week I was helping my freind set up her new home and I also managed to capture some glimpses of this unique market where u are bound to fine anything and everything.

Crawford Market

Can u belive it that these are plastice flowers ?? U get them in all shapes and colors

Crawford Market

Crawford Market

U can get all types of home electric appliances here are a pretty reasonable rate

Crawford Market

One will definetly get lost in the amount of variety of kitchenware and crockery u can get here

Crawford Market

Can u belive it this jus cost 2500/-

Crawford Market

Variety is the spice of Life.


AlterinG Abhishek 20/11/06 11:06 AM  

arrey so tru this place is pure kamaal!

nice pics
( new post on the play!!)

Viewer 20/11/06 6:26 PM  

@abhishek @ Jinguchakka : Thnk U

Anonymous,  23/11/06 4:55 AM  

Nice pics.. had no clue the flowers were plastic, till I read your note.

anjan 24/11/06 8:29 AM  

fist n last - best!

Anonymous,  4/12/06 2:37 AM  

You sure added color since I last visited; so is this the new camera!!

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