Monday, August 28, 2006


Wet kisses, peak of excitement, love bites and passionate nibbles. He was too much to handel. Never thought that we would hit of so well at our very first meeting. This weekend was an out of the world weekend with him. We cuddled along and watched movies went for a long walk and wrestled around on the bed. The compatability between us amazed his parents . Never thought that we wud hit off so well in the first few mins after we met. If this is not love at first sight then I dont think there any other way to fall head over heels in luv at the firt meeting. But I guess in a way it was inevitable ....Click here to see him.


Sphinx 28/8/06 9:55 PM  

The mutt is awesomely cute! :-) What's his name?

Rebus 29/8/06 1:42 AM  

He is sure CUTE; dont jump if you see somebody else rolling along the bed with him ;)

sophie 29/8/06 9:09 AM  

u naughty gal....

Dadoji 29/8/06 8:58 PM  

Will you share him with me? I so love dogs but the two most important women in my life wouldn't have any of it.

Pallavi 30/8/06 4:27 AM  

I love him. A Lab ?? He is a cutie ?

Hima 30/8/06 7:04 AM  

He is chhoo cute... This thing happened to me too... we got a boxer though!!! lol..

Anonymous,  3/9/06 7:09 AM  

He is adorable! :) I am planning to get a dog too; since the burglary my parents are more forthcoming to get a dog now!

moony 3/9/06 7:10 AM  

That was me..anonymous earlier..forgot to enter my name! :)

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