Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Good Health

The other day I went for a early morning breakfast cum drive... It was a pleasent morning with the sun just peeking between the hills and yet to make its presence felt entirely.

The road we took had a lot of people in their mid thirties and early forties, taking their usual brisk walks and doing weird excersises. Looking at them i realised, that many of us only realise the improtance of the maintaining our health after we cross our thiry fives and forties. Till then we tend to treat our bodies like slaves, pushing it to the limits and sometimes beyond limits. Only once we see signs of our body retaliating to the cruelties we have done, we realise that the time is ticking. Until then we really dont bother....

I am probably the worst prerson to preach on this issue, becasue I literally treat by body like trash... But hey I can always try to be better, and thats what I am going to do...
Becasue I do know that in the next 10 yrs (10 yrs is not too much if u are counting ur life span ) or so i too will be puffing and fretting on the same road desperately trying to reverse the clock and try to cling to what ever good health I will be left with.


Jinguchakka 16/5/06 8:24 PM  

Exercise is not my thing either.
Sunrise between hills! Where did you go for breakfast?

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