Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Last sunday I saw the movie "Gangster". Letmme tell u this is not the movie u want to watch for any given reason after u read this post. If u do then then I must admit that ur taste for movies really SUCKS!!!

The entire movie was a total put off right from the start withteh heroin's flat voice... God damn it she dint know ABC of voice modulation and emotion. Location was so so.. the story line is said be inspired by the real life love story between Abu Salem and Monica Bedi. That probably explains the weird title ... Emraan Hashmi as usual had his smooches and steamy shots with the heroine. The other guy ( Shiny Ahuja ) really dint have much dialouges but I kinda found that was better.

Over all a bad choice. Now the question is why the hell did I choose to see this movie ??? Well the major plus point of the movie is the Mahesh Bhatt Patent Fabulous Songs ... nice and peppy and once u hear it one tends keep on humming it under ur breath the whole day.... Especially the opening track Tu hi mera shab hai strikes a chord with its effervescence

I think I shud have been wise enough just bought the audio cd !


The Bhandari's 9/5/06 10:25 PM  

hmmm after goin thru review am thinking now :)
aND have decided not to watch :P

moony 9/5/06 10:50 PM  

these days no one ventures to make a film out of orginal story line!

karmic_jay 10/5/06 10:44 AM  

Interesting. I have not watched Hindi movies in ages, never did really. I guess I should sometimes just for the heck of it.

Jinguchakka 10/5/06 11:37 AM  

You are not the first person recommending Gangster's songs. I should find somewhere and hear them. Maybe raaga.

Ekta 11/5/06 1:14 AM  

Thx for the review..not that I had any intentions of watching the movie anywayz..but just in case I had to..now I know I never will!

Anonymous,  11/5/06 8:42 AM  

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opinionatedinjerzee 11/5/06 9:31 AM  

i just cant sit for the 3-4 long hours of an indian movie.. i have the attention span of a 2 yr old.. 15 minutes and i am ready to watch something else!

AlterinG Abhishek 12/5/06 12:00 PM  

dfqqnnbHee hee..
why did u go only??

Anu 14/5/06 7:23 PM  


Thks for letting me know..nearly got it because rediff gave it an amazing review!!


sthupit girl 16/5/06 11:33 PM  

i love this part... I TOLD YOU SO. only if you'd paid attention.. you could have spent the money better.


Pallavi 27/5/06 9:18 AM  

yeah the movie was not that great.. :) but songs are too good.. I hate Emraan Hashmi

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