Monday, February 20, 2006

Life is Good !

The other day I was returning home after a long day at work. It was a pleasant morning in Mumbai, Although the sunlight was piercing through the silver lined clouds it was not hot neither the morning wind too chilly, just the perfect weather. Looking out of the car window I simply felt " Life is good. This is the way I like it"- A thought which never occurred to me ever before. Strange as it may sound there was no special reason for me to think that way... For me it was just another day with loads of work ,the usual colleagues some cranky some sweet, the same food, the same attitude. Nothing unusally good at all.

Thats when I realized that how much we get lost in the day to day life catering to our materialistic demands and altogether forget to appreciate Life just the way it is. Is that a too difficult thing to ask for? Probably yeah , otherwise why would I have not felt / thought the same way any time before in the past 23 years. I do agree that some times things are not so good as we would want it to be, sometimes its like a leech sucking out all that u have in u, and such times Life Sucks ! Sometime its good ,sometimes its very good and Life rocks!

But what about the days u feel just normal? Ok now u might thing I talking no sense at all, its seems the same to me while I am posting this, but the basic point I wanted to ask, not to anyone particularly or maybe I am asking this myself or maybe everyone. Are we celebrating Life just the way it is?


Vikram H 20/2/06 6:48 PM  

Most people look at life the way they want it to be. This gives rise to dejection and disapointment.

Very few people ever live for the moment, and enjoy the simpliities that life has to offer.

Pallavi 20/2/06 11:24 PM  

yeah I am living my life I think the way I want it and I am aware of it.. though its easy to go mechanical.. :) But life rocks as you say with its good and bad.. :)

sthupit girl 21/2/06 5:39 AM  

lol..i knw exactly what you're talking about.. that's why i say. Don't complicate the simple stuff, jst for the heck of it. Enjoy the simplicity, and you'll realise how much you've actually enjoyed your day..


Hiren 21/2/06 7:20 AM  

Very nice point. Normally we appreciate the good things in life when we lose them. In the hustle and bustle we get so lost sometimes that we forget what providence has bestowed on us-nature, children, flowers, poetry etc. Children should be trained from childhood for all this.

Jinguchakka 21/2/06 7:48 AM  

It depends on whether we tolerate, like or really love the work we do.

Tenali 21/2/06 7:53 AM  

Yup! I have felt the same feeling many times. I appreciate/giving importance to SMALL pleasures than BIG moments. Like enjoying chikki, take a walk, listen to someone, sleep below the open sky,play with small kiddies,....
Take time out of life.

Life is very simple.
But being simple is very difficult.

Trevor 21/2/06 8:48 AM  

Hi! A first timer here and yet I so associate with that feeling myself. I have felt like that many a time and me thinks it has a lot to do with the state of being totally content about who you are and with yourself at that point in time. It's almost like embracing life full-on for all its worth - very alike experiencing a oneness with the Universe.

Deepti 22/2/06 3:37 AM  

hmm.. i love the highs of life.. and try telling myself to think of 'em when i tend to get down!! don't succeed always.. but keeps atleast feeling neutral abt life if not loving it!!!

The Bhandari's 24/2/06 4:10 AM  

depends .... yah sometimes I too have the same feeling

ME 25/2/06 10:25 AM  

i think ur life is as normal and crazy as everyone's is:)

Anonymous,  27/2/06 10:24 AM  

you are right..I felt it too when I was away from need to relax and contemplate once in a while.. - moony

opinionatedinjerzee 27/2/06 12:56 PM  

i take it as it comes.. somedays are beautiful when nothing gets you down, others are just down right horrible! That's life, my friend!! Nice blog.. visit mine if you get a chance!

Madhooo 27/2/06 9:48 PM  

Life is definitely very beautiful even with all the misery, pain and suffering.:)

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