Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lashing Rai

Today is one of those days when I feel I have exhausted all the energy and ethusiasm in me and I cant move another inch and guess what, its only tuesday. That means anotehr 3 more days to let my hair down , put my legs up n relax.

In the past couple of days blogging has taken a back seat for a couple of reasons, mainly work but one another reason was cause whenever I had the time to blog I ran out of ideas/topics to wirte about and when somethings pops up in my mind I am too busy to blog leaving me guilty & frustrated.

Anyways enough of cribbing and crying

The current hot bollywood news is abt famous Ashwarya Rai dating Bachchan Jr. Read more .. Ok I know that what I am gona say now is gona upset many men n break a zillion hearts but wht the heck this is my blog and its my opinon.

Ash is a total wench . Agreed that her name falls under worlds most beautiful people but lets accept the fax that she has broken may hearts and trampled many lives along the way { and I hate her from the time of Salman and her relationship controversies, now please dont mistake me to be a salman fan }

Moving further to better things Google has introduced a simpler way for Gmail users to conduct instant message chats from inside a Web browser window, alongside their e-mail. This is a god send (read Google send) solution for people who have firewall in their system & cannot download IM .

Note : This is one of the most sensless and pointless post I have ever posted in the history of my blogging term but I had to post something.


Jinguchakka 7/2/06 5:31 PM  

Hi! I agree totally with you regarding Ash.

Well, I can understand what you say abt time for blogging and ideas not coming at teh same time. It's one we all undergo sometime or the other.

Vasu the terrible 7/2/06 9:00 PM  

ya...sometimes one needs to blog about junk just to get the creative mill cranking up again.

I guess I am in a similar state..


Pallavi 7/2/06 9:54 PM  

I think Ash is looking for the right guy and many fall for her looks rather than her personality and well she must be having her priorities I guess which she has the right to...

I am not sure one should be so quick to judge... :) in fact we do not know half the time what the actual story is .. unless we rely on the tabloids...

and well its their life.. why make a brouhaha about it.. SIGH..

Hugssss of course you are entitled to your opinion :)

moony 8/2/06 10:21 PM  

cannot comment on what kind of person Ash is, but somehow I feel that Abhishek & Ash ..thought doesn't just click! :)

Nidhee 9/2/06 3:46 AM  

I cudnt agree more as far is Ash is concerned.... the lady needs to get her act together. But God... wats wrong with AB is something that i cant figure out.....

Matter Mahadevan 13/2/06 8:22 PM  

Amen to your "Ash" comment :)
Btw - that blog was about me getting engaged :)

Tenali 15/2/06 11:41 AM  

Hmmm....Mixing love and technology.
Ash - I wud advide ash to get her attitude right. She is looking yuck in the new Hollywood movie she is in. I just got a sneak of the trailer :).

gChat - Well it's God's* boon and Web2.0 newest invention. The technology behind it is also worth for an APPLAUSE

*God in this context is GOOGLE :D

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