Friday, February 10, 2006


She said: love is in the air every where
He said: i dont know why is V day hyped so much in india
He said: total bullshit
She said: Its hyped so much cause most of the people wanna make a couple of fast buck secondly hen in india love , lovers even such terms are unacceptable to family memebers forgot abt people falling under such category .
He said: but i like the day only for the fact that the whole city is painted red
He said: and yeah ... pretty girls walking on the streets .... discotheques full and total fun She said: then in india love , lovers even such terms are unacceptable to family memebers forgot abt people falling under such category
He said: yup .. city is beautiful .. sure

He said: aur tum bolo .... what are you doing on valentines ?

She said: most probably sleeping the daylights outta my life

She said: so whts ur plan for 14the feb
She said: any blind date ?
He said: blind date ..... huh! .... in my dreams
He said: mera phuta hua kismath
He said: kaun ladki mere saath jayegi yaar
He said: no ... imnot doing anything for valentines
He said: i would just go to work like any other day and come back .... thats it
He said: and may be feel bad that i dont have a gf, or i missed out my stance .... or remind myself that i got ditched ... thats about it
He said: might just miss her .....
He said: and yeah ... that i do .... everyday
He said: anyway ... chuck it .... devdas ban raha hoon abhi
He said: i dont want to bore you

She said: i some how I fail to understand people u know they are in love but break up and then brood over and miss them every single second for the rest of the eternity
She said: all this love stuff is a a weird thing

He said: i know
He said: but still what is ur your explaination ...
She said: wht explanation
He said: the weirdness of love
She said: well
She said: some plpe are realy luckyto find love and be happy with it
She said: some although they find they true love are not happy with it and neither want to part with it
He said: and some losers like me get to know what they have lost after they have lost
She said: some do find true love but cant commit
She said: and some think that they are in love and they go around for sometime and find it was nothing close to love
She said: these people are the best, cause they have no regrets abtthe whole thing
He said: hehe ... yup ... i have done that at my adolesent age
He said: heheShe said: some are people who have not yet found love and are unhappy cause they are not in love
She said: some dont even know wht they have in store for them as far as love is concerned
She said: so overall love is clueless ,sad, pathethic
He said: hehe
He said: thats an impressive analysis u made
He said: so what category do u belong to
She said: the last one
She saidt: i guess


Jinguchakka 10/2/06 3:15 PM  

Your post reminds me of an Erich Segal novel.

D'pak 14/2/06 11:06 AM  

have u eva notcied a heart is two upside down teardrops....
Keep Going!

anjan 15/2/06 12:02 PM  

sounds familiar .... !

Pallavi 16/2/06 4:17 AM  

he said she said... LOL

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