Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani

Amidst all the things going on in my life at this point of time Republic Day actually slipped out of my mind completely. It was my maid who reminded me that tommorrow gajra's will cost more than normal tomorrow (I had asked her to buy some gajra for me , to dress up for the traditional day we have on 26th Jan)

I am not sure how much this days holds important to me now when I don't consider myself to be over "PATRIOTIC". But I guess I am just patriotic enough to be thankful the I am a citizen of a free country where I have the freedom to live a considerably comfortable life.


Jinguchakka 25/1/06 6:01 PM  

Mera Bharat mahaan!

moony 26/1/06 10:31 AM  

:) I saw your post after I wrote mine! I guess every indian is a little patriotic atleast..its just that they've forgotten the feeling exists!

Vinesh 28/1/06 11:30 AM  

I am one of those who consider themselves "not patriotic".

Still I cry whenever I hear Jana Gana Mana sung with passion...

Anu 29/1/06 6:02 PM  

Good one..but the true meaning of Patriotism catches u only when u least expect it..or in my case when ur outside the country


sophie 29/1/06 7:38 PM  

where r u...
no posts...after Jan 25th

anjan 29/1/06 11:24 PM  

when my fellow country men were celebrating i was getting my ass spanked ... Jai Hind!!

Pallavi 30/1/06 3:43 AM  

right you are :)

D'pak 30/1/06 7:12 AM  

Long Live The Republic!
Keep Going!

MA 30/1/06 10:03 AM  

Happy Republic Day!!

Ginkgo 1/2/06 8:23 PM  

oh boy...I remembered until a few days back...and not on the day..

well...born into a 'republic' country...u dont feel the remember it, I guess:)

ME 2/2/06 7:16 AM  

yes one should be thankful for the fact that one is born in a free country. Those who believe that a country under the brits was much better irk me. Anyways... I guess a majority have moved on from those dakiyanoosi khayal

moony 3/2/06 11:39 AM  

hey.. you are awake too :)

Loveena 4/2/06 9:54 AM  

Here's my bit of Patriotism - Love the song - "Bless our Country " - Used to sing it at school - Lovely days *sigh*

Its the presence of more 'angels' refering to your last post - that makes our country 'tick' - my point of view :-)

Vikram H 5/2/06 2:20 AM  

you're damn right!..We have much more freedom than even countries like the US, where almost everybody is closely monitored by the govt, with the help of technology and intelligence!

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