Friday, January 20, 2006

An Angel saved by Angels

Despite the tons of work load on me I couldnt resist to mention this particular incident, where Dhruta a cute little four year old was rescued by the neighbours from the wraths of her step mother who beat the gal up so badly that the she broke the poor kids arm.
Read abt this here and more abt it here .

Seems like the neighbours heard the screams of the little kid and rescued and admitted Dhruta
the near by hospital. Not only that they even took things into their hands and gave the wicked step mom a good pasting session. (Saw the fotoage in star news )

I guess this one of the reason I luv this city. Despite its pollution and overpopulation, where people are on the fast lane to make bucks we mumbaikars may have a damn care attitude about the rest of the world but when we take things into hand we make sure that the task is taken care of such as in Dhruta's case. I am really proud of the mumbaikars who even are willing to adopt the cute little angel.

Mumbiaikars ROCKS!

PS : Some quotes inspire me a lot. And I alway make it a point to read qoutes of famouse to to get a clear perspective when ever I feel I am loosing focus or feel I am not using my full potential. Back in school days I used to paste print out of quotes on my study table to motivate myself. I have a added a quotes section in my blog through I hope u too will ibe inspired in some way or the other. Enjoy ur weekend :)


Vikram H 20/1/06 10:31 PM could anybody imagine meting out such treatment to a poor, innocent kid! It's heartening to know that the angel had been rescued from the very hands of the satan! :)

Dreamvendor 23/1/06 12:07 AM  

Thatz bad. There are a lot of kids like this little angel who needs help. Wish we are more awake than usual to help these kids...

sthupit girl 23/1/06 2:58 AM  
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sthupit girl 23/1/06 2:59 AM  

i hate it when ppl treat innocent lil kids that way... and innocent, they are.


'well at least this lil kiddo found her gaurdian angel!

God bless.

Deepti 23/1/06 6:55 PM  

How inhuman!! Beating up the kid to that extent!! Anyways, your right.. there's a warm glow that spreads through you when people raise to the occasion to be angels of kindness!! : ) good for mumbaikars!!

pallavi 23/1/06 11:20 PM  

yeah I saw that in the news too.. its good to know that this was intervened by the public.. :)

Madhooo 24/1/06 12:31 AM  

I neevr thought that the concept of a "bad stepmom" existed even today. It si definitely very heart warming to see people coming ahead to adopt the little angel. Mumbiaikars definitely rock.:)

Madhooo 24/1/06 12:32 AM  

And also, thanks for the quotes section.:)

Sidewinder 24/1/06 6:17 AM  

i dont know.. how any one can have heart to do such things to a little kid like her. May be the step mom need some kinda treatment.

moony 24/1/06 11:04 AM  

Some people are so sadistic and sick..I don't how ever they can do something like this? that too to a small kid! vicious women!

D'pak 24/1/06 11:33 AM  

A real bad one! Good people around do live up!
Keep Going!

Viewer 24/1/06 1:40 PM  

@Vikram H @ Preetika @deepti @dreamvendor@ pallavi@ madhoo@Sidewinder@moony@d'pak: well i guess this is part of life at the same i guess this gives us a consolation that goodness still prevailes

@madhoo: Hope the qoutes are inspiring for u :)

Vasu the terrible 24/1/06 11:29 PM  

Mumbai rocks. I found that living in mumbai though tremendously stressfull for the body acts as a soul tonic. The sheer spectre of getting lost in the sea of humanity humbles oneself and makes common day sufferings easily bearable.


Ravi 25/1/06 5:34 AM  

Viewer, I couldn't take my eyes off that little girl's smile and to know that this little one has undergone so much turmoil! whew - it's really moving.

But above that, the gesture of the neighbours is truly inspiring and it definitely sends across a lesson to others - "Being a spectator is no good".

I touched upon something similar in my latest post. Please do check it out too (ofcourse, when you have the time!).

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