Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Getting Lucky

"Why wasnt I so lucky like her/him?"
"Why does all wrong thing happen to ME ? "

"I wish I had got it so easily"

How many times have we felt like this ?
To be frank I feel this way quiet often (can read it as all the time)....... It all happens to me when Someone who is at the same level at work: get a promotion, gets a much fatter bonus (than me), gets to go home early, get a Holiday while I work my ass out, gets a better project and the list goes on and on........

So much so I have come to believe that the Word "Being Lucky" is not written in my destiny..... and feel that I am destined to get every penny through my hard work ...... Now hard work is not something which I despise, but it really hurts to see a less hard working person getting My Much Deserved Promotion for which I have been busting my ass out.....
Now I don't wanna sound cribby and cranky at all ,the point I am trying to get to is that with all these happening to me all the time.... I have started taking notice of the small things I get lucky with like.....
if I am able to strike a good bargain with rickshawalla,
if I don't have to wait in queue at the cafeteria @ dinner
if I get a phone call / SMS/ mailed from a friend who hasn't been in touch in a long time
last but not the least to be lucky enough to get a beautiful project after busting my ass at a pathetic one :) ......
So what if I am not Lucky enough to find a wallet full of money on the road side or win a lottery, I am all smiles for being lucky with the the small things for which I have to struggle with on a day to day basis, as these small things makes its teeny weenie bit easier to get going ..... :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)


King Kong 5/10/05 10:27 AM  

Sometime we all feel this way but than thats life.. Keep on enjoying while you can

King Kong 6/10/05 9:41 AM  

Was kind of busy for sometime with a presentation due on emerging trends on web applications.
By the way why did you change the screen name. want to be anonymous...

Author by the brook 7/10/05 5:13 AM  

As i keep saying.. its not luck but some phase you have to go through... so hang on there :)

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