Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brutalities in Bangalore

Ok this is something which caught my attention in yesterday early morning news and am quiet amazed by it ....

First, I am shocked that people try such cheap filthy stunts to pocket a few pennies , worst was the slime ball who tried to cheat the poor chap in the disguise of a good samritan.......

After reading this story it has become difficult for me to trust people or even strike a small conversation.....

Worst of all is that this incident happened in a city which is considered to be populated witheducated people. Its a pity that no one was there to actually help the guy (at the time of the incident) .

On the other hand I am also admire by Nimish V Adani's "never to give up" spiritand the zeal he has showed to get justice. With this mail he is leaving no bricks unturned to punish the culprit and I think we need a couple of more Nimish Adanis in India to fight against the injustice and the corruption.........
Also If u scroll the page I have linked, u will find numerous people who have come forward to help Nimish in all possible ways. I really like the spirit of Bangalorians and these people have managed to keep up my belief - "After all there are some good people left in this world"..........


livinghigh 6/10/05 9:54 PM  

hey! nice new look of de blog, dude. ;-)

Akshay 6/10/05 10:34 PM  

I read about it somewhere else too, shocking isn't it?

Author by the brook 7/10/05 5:12 AM  

I read about that.. its a shame...

anjan 7/10/05 7:23 AM  

such an organised way to cheat a person.... the incident is really depressive ... but ya, people of this sort would be everywhere and this happened to be in bangalore ... the IT sector of bangalore might be educated but still there are some irrationals .. nothing is completely clean.... i do wish him all the very best!

LiL C 7/10/05 9:00 AM  

Thanks for the compliment :)
So you know akshay :)

What exactly happened in Bangalore?


Truman 7/10/05 10:31 AM  

I spoke to Nimish V Adani a few minutes back and I am surprised to hear the full story. I have also promised him the full support of the blogger's community, if need be.

Thanks for covering this issue.

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