Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bachchan mania

When he says ‘Computerji ise lock kiya jaye’, the computer gets as much respect as any human being. That's the power in his humility. When he speaks in Hindi, no word of English dare come in between. When he seeks permission to cut some branches of a tree in his compound, one knows that he is an ordinary law abiding citizen unlike kings and Moghuls who grab even the 30' road. And that is Amitabh Bachchan for you.When he was neck deep in debts he begged for some work and then he proved his mettle. When his own sibling rose against him he preferred to lie low.

He is also the king of endorsement. Mr Bachchan endorses over 60 different brands, one for each of his vintage years. He has, in fact, dethroned the mighty Sachin, who was the reigning monarch of the endorsements empire in India till a couple of years ago.

Turning 64 was not a cake walk for Mr Bachchan at all but one thing I admire about this is guy is that he has managed to rise above all his failures and out shine as a Star Icon more than ever. I dont think there has been , will be any one in the entire history of Indian cinema who has or will acheive the status Mr Bachchan has at the age of 64. Be it the acentric Teacher in "Black" or the young Ashwairya eyeing him in the item no "Kajra re". Amitabh Bachchan has proved being young is at heart not by the no of candles on ur birthday cake.

I was blog hopping around and came across a some good wirteups about bar gals ...Read it here here and here ......
After reading these sad stories of the bar gals I wonder if it was all worth it ? I don't think that by restricting people to go to such places things are gona get better. Infact the government is ruining lives of dance gals who earn theirr living through this


anjan 11/10/05 9:16 PM  

A living legend, a role model to the young and the old ..... may he celebrate many such birthdays.

I have been a great admirer of him of late for more reasons than he being a film star

Extempore 14/10/05 12:49 AM  

I wanted to marry him when I was little but I am not sure I'd even want to meet him now. This is not a chumma iconoclastic stand but watching him on KBC 2 is disappointing really because he obviously plays his favourites and is rude almost to those he does not like.

I don't know if you agree. :)

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