Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mission Paal Payasam!

Ok so Happy Onam to all. Although there no big celebration here at Mumbai for Onam I like to soak into the spirit of the festive season in my own small ways, like this when I decided to make "Paal payasam" for my collegues at work . So the entire afternoon sacrificing my beauty sleep half way through it I got down to "Misson Paal payasam". You need to also keep in mind this was my first attempt at making a paal payasam.

So puffing and fretting I toiled myself in the kitchen to make the most sweetest and milkiest paal payasam. Although a bit cautious about the outcome at first, the payasam turned out to be good. 2 Big dabba was filled with Paal payasam , all set to be transported to the office on the auspicitious day - Onam.

When the car came to pick me up I thought I had everything in place but I failed to take the paal payasam with me. Since I had promised my collegues I didnt want to disappoint them so finally I went all the way back home to get the paal payasam and my collegues clearly enjoyed it the final drop . Happy Onam once again! .


Ravi 20/9/05 5:07 AM  

That's so nice of you to share the occasion with colleagues. But I thought paal ada pradhaman was the 'intended' dish for the day. Btw, how did the pookalam turn out? Would be great if you can post the pics too.

Truman 20/9/05 12:26 PM  

Happy Onam :) I missed having Payasam this year though- sadly for me it was just another holiday. You had a nice time, no?!

livinghigh 21/9/05 10:47 AM  

hehehe.. happy onam! the mallus from my office went out to RiceBowl for lunch on onam day, and brought back two huge dabbas of payasam.. one of which me and two other frnds devoured, while they were in de ffridge and everyone else was working! we're hoping no one else finds out! ;-)

Extempore 29/9/05 5:56 AM  

This is a little late but Happy Onam! Mallu kutty with the payasam! Christ, I wish I worked in your office. :)

I did my Masters in Hyderabad where there were a considerable number of Malyalees (and many among them close friends) and I had such a blast. They had this one Onam celebration where we were served on banana leaves - the whole shindig. *Sigh*... I miss the food!

Am glad your Onam was lovely!

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