Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dream crazy & puppy making updates 2.0

I dream crazy (in the literal sense). It can vary from having a clichéd typical Bollywood romance with Fardeen Khan (weird, cause I was never a fan of him, not the slightest bit), to catching my ex-guy (not my boy friend mind u) cheat on me with my manager (guess what? it actually happened). My dreams are so darn crazy that it seems real enough to be a nightmare. For a change I dreamt (yest) that I am the proud owner of a CANON EOS SLR… I wish it was for real:((

Further updates on the PUPPY MAKING series: Mandy got her x-rays last Sat. It was a real sight for all the patients who were present in the hospital to see a dog come in for x-ray. The kids were curious, their moms were cautious but hell my girl was the center of attraction. I must also add that Mandy is really lucky to have very supporting in-laws (the Sire’s family). Her MIL & FIL came to boost her morale. Dear MIL has even applied for leave so she can come rushingto help with her delivery (when ever it happens). FIL keeps calling me t check if there are any signs of Mandy being in labour. Wish I too will have such supportive in-laws if any. :D
Since I was shit excited, I went ahead in the lab and asked to see the x-ray before even it could be printed. The technician willing pointed out 2 round skulls and 2 ribs (of different pups). So the total count was 4 but when I went to my vet he pointed anther guy hiding behind one of the 4 pups so the total count so far is 5 pups. The vet also warned me to be not surprised if she will have more than five or even double the actual count.
Sunday the vet came in and explained all possible things about puppy birth, how to cut the umbilical cord, how to stimulate breathing, CPR etc. It was intimidating for sure but hell I am super duper excited for my gal. Monday I got off work early and made a whelping area for her. And guess what Mandy seems to like the new place. Now all I do is watch out for any signs of Mandy going into labor. Since she has started nesting (little) I am sure it’s around the corner. My manager too has been very kind enough to give time offs when ever possible. More updates later.


DreamVendor 1/2/08 4:15 AM  

lol @ your dream!

Dreamvendor is zonked reading it!

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