Friday, January 04, 2008

Blogging Fad

At one point of time blogging was one way of venting for geeks with IIT degrees and access to internet. Slowly the concept sunk in and now you can find blogs about every thing and anything. Laltely the bloging bug has bit our bollywood too. Big banner movies tie to promote their have someone blog a couple of words on behalf of the actors and there you have a bunch of crazy fans commenting all sorts of things on their posts. After all its not always that you get to put ur feelings for your favourite actor in front of him. But once the movie is realsed and the verdict is announced the blog disappears into the space.
Gues what there has been a star who has been actually bitten by the blog bug and personally blogs. Its mostly abt his movies and work and the progress of his movies and sometimes he does give in and let us know how frustrating the traffic is and how drained out he is. Infact he has been blogging since his Lagaan days, but am not sure if itwas him really that startted blogging intially. (He must have kept a proxy to write for him) But lately he has taken keen interst in reaching out tp public through the medium of blogging and has taken it a bit more seriously and hence have launched a blog under his raather than name it after TZP - his debut directorial like is the recent promotional stunts for new realeases are.
So guys here is presenting


livinghigh 16/1/08 11:55 PM  

aaaa.. i'm back (i guess), but much regular now. lol. even the post-formats have changed: short para and quick pic. lol. hope ure doin ok.

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