Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Random Rants

Am in the middle of a short hiatus from words, not intended but impelled by emotions and mind. I am trying to cover up my lack of words with some quality photographs which you can take a look here.
Some random rants:
• The weather is hot and sticky again. I also feel that this monsoon really dint do justice to Mumbai.
• Some relationships just gets stuck to you like a leech, how much ever you try to shake it off it will only let go of you until it has sucked enough blood out of you.
• Lately I have realized that I really don’t give a chance to anyone when I am not in the mood. Well one way this is good, because I am glad I have stopped self torture. The other way I feel a bit guilty for being so selfish and impatient.
• Work is dull these days. Waiting for some excitement.
• I find myself in a constant "to be or not be" situation.
• I find myself lucky to have ended up with Mandy. If she wouldn’t have been there in my Life I would have been running around cutting my veins.
• Recovering is a very hard process.
• Lot of times you will feel that you have missed the boat but in actual you really haven’t missed the right boat.


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