Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Ideal Day

One of the perfect day for me. Nothing actually special but jsut that the everything was good. Got up early ... I hate it when I oversleep.
Did all my chores... Well am back again on my own ... no maid .... aarrgghh!
Listened to some good music (When I am in rush, I rarely listn to music, and every thing feels so hurried)
Had a decent cuppa tea.... I like my Tea and I like it in a prticular equation. If it doesnt come up just hte way I like it, most of the time I end of throwing up aftera couple of minutes... weired but yeah thats me. Lately with all the hurry burry schedule I rarely made my morning tea and even when I did, it never lived upto my so called prescribed equation.
Managed to have some neat breakfast... Mostly during week days Breakfast is never in my menu.
Reached work and belive it or not I have been able to check mark every single task from my TO DO list....Usually there is something left for the next day.

Whenever I am able to complete my daily routine and still find some time for myself its a pleasent day for me.


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