Thursday, August 30, 2007

Soar throat, Rains & Photography

I think I have caught my colleague's virus, and have a slight soar throat since today morning. Am trying all possible stuff - hot water gargle, strepsils, hot water to drink so that I don't fall sick. Cause its a bad timing to fall sick. Mandy is down with a severe parasite (skin) problem and I am literally working my a**e out to treat her, give her medication and sanitizing the house and clothes. Me falling sick means derailing the entire line of boogies attached to the engine which right now is me.

Its a rainy day for a change here today. Whole night we had a consistent shower and I found myself snuggling more and more inside my quilt. I love the rains (except when Mandy comes covered with muck all over after her early morning walk) and was bit disappointed that this Monsoon dint really fit into the typical Mumbai Monsoons.

Lately I have started using my camera again. For sometime I had let it catch dust in my shelf, but now am back in action. You can check all my clicks here


the rain tree 31/8/07 3:51 AM  

i was off for a small vacation. looks like i missed a lot here.

get well soon. even bangalore is showering very naughty. no discipline with months, time or season.

Rebus 31/8/07 10:17 AM  

Hmmph, I do see the coffee brewing and colorful shakes twirling; keep clicking; so hows the cold doing!!

The Bhandari's 3/9/07 4:14 AM  

hope u r fine now, yup seen ur pics at flickr....nice

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