Thursday, March 08, 2007

Some more clarity attained :)

Well yesterday I was face to face with a major reality check. I was speaking to this someone who is exactly in the same situation which I was once, surprisingly I was speaking for the person who in my case someone else, whom I had blamed a lot and have cried and hued about what someone else did to me.
I could see that with just like this someone I was too restless and pushing someone else to the limits. I wanted explanations, reasons, why, how could you from someone else. Although someone else dint try to explain his/her delima even after numerous probing sessions, I still dint try to understand the bad state which someone else was going through. Because all I could see was what a big mess I was. Looking back at the incident, I feel that I could have done a few things differently but if I can clean my slate and start fresh. I dont think I would want to even go back to him and pick up the threads and move ahead.
As days pass by things are more clear to me and I know what I want to take with me ahead from that episode. A few days back I would have brought down the world to wipe out the misunderstandings or whatever is there between me and the someone else, and I did try to do so unsuccessfully. But today all I want is the sweet memories and the way someone else made me feel. No one ever could or will make me feel that way. But for now memories are good enough for me.


livinghigh 8/3/07 11:17 PM  

mmm... need a hug. and chocolates. and yes, wine.

Viewer 8/3/07 11:21 PM  

@livinghigh : Yeah I need them soo badly :P

Sanjay 9/3/07 4:06 AM  

Hang in there :)

moony,  9/3/07 7:39 AM  

I got totally confused! :)
but what I could understand, I can say.. "this will also pass"

Anu 9/3/07 11:41 PM  

Memories get sweeter as time passes,, thats why they say that time is a healer..So things seem clearer later

livinghigh 10/3/07 12:05 AM  

and yea, goa is less touristy during the monsoons, but thats when u get de BEST discounts on de hotels. rainy n soggy, so not much sunbathing, but u still get to see a lovely beach during the rains and party at de shacks. :)

Anonymous,  12/3/07 2:19 PM  

yeah...i need to say this now. after all that roller-coaster talk i suddenly found myself sitting n thinking about how " someone else" would be feeling n couldnt make out much. but yeah...the memories was truely sweeter :)

was disappointed this u the someone else too knew i was so eagerly waiting to catch up with him. still it didnt happen. hurt again n cried a lot. dont know why.

moving with the flow now. a few incidents make a lot of disappointing weekend and surely the chat with you. thanks. n i guess i sounded really crazy n cranky that day..:D feeling a bit ashamed now:P

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