Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Message to my Foreign Connections

Orkut is a miracle... For college kids and teenagers it just might be a dating site, where they compete as to who has the most number of scraps and blah blah. But for ppl like me, in the mid twenties, its more of a way to reconnect with old forgotten friends, classmates, x-colleagues and whom not.

Most of these long lost friends, come up in a absolute new avatar. Some pursing their PhD or Doctorates in some foreign land, some married and settled down in India / abroad etc..... One of the common questions asked by these ppl esp the ones currently in foreign countries is " When are u moving out of India?"

Helllloooo whats wrong with India. OK I would obviously luv to see some exotic countries around the globe but moving out there for a good amount of time is not some thing I miss that much. Again its not that I wudnt take up an offer if I was given one. I certainly like that fact that although I am far from home, my mom can fly down in minutes if I desperately need her...just like Superman or shud I say Supermom. Plus I wud miss her home cooked food which she cooks for me when ever she visits me. In foreign countries, hiring a domestic help is simply out of the question that means u have to do all ur work urself... Here I have a very sweet soul who practically does almost all the work at home that too fora considerably reasonable wage. Above all which ever corner of India I am in, I certainly have this feeling of being t home for the simple thought which is at the back of mind all that time that people who love me and care the earths end for me are just a couple of miles away, and that I have to cross a number of oceans to reach them.

So my dear long lost friends, maybe India does not have all that glitz and glamour like other countries, it may still be termed as a developing country, but I like it here ... for now :)


sthupit girl 21/2/07 7:59 AM  

Oh they'll realize, this is the place to be. It's correctly said -We travel the world, wishing to find a 'home'. We come a full circle, to realize that this is where it always will be.

Orkut can be a pain in the butt too. With alll the "I would like to make friendship with you" s!!

All my love,

P.S :Jezus, I haven't been here in ages! And though I haven't been particularly missed, my apologies :)

livinghigh 21/2/07 11:12 AM  

aha. mera bharat mahan?
thanks for dropping by de photoblog.

Viewer 21/2/07 7:41 PM  

@sthupit girl: Hey long time no see :) Well I too hve been a bit caught up wit the rut hence v less boghoppin... But good to see u around :)

@livinghigh : :) I like ur photoblog will keep chking in time to time :)

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