Friday, January 19, 2007

Travel bugs

Kiruba ( He is a one of the very famous desi bloggers we have) has started this wiki to help bloggers help visiting blogger in different parts of India and the web wide world.

If you believe in the power of the Internet and can spare an extrabed for the travelling blogger friend, then is something you would like to check out.Also check out to get all the gyan and reasons behind the initiative. This is very helpful for all those travel bugs who want to see it all in a shoe string budget.


Sanjay 20/1/07 6:34 PM  

An interesting concept!

Mridula 22/1/07 4:01 AM  

Me too, found it interesting but the way we keep our house, I think I will scare people more :)

AlterinG Abhishek 22/1/07 11:37 PM  

WoW!!So kewl!!!

Pallavi 24/1/07 7:28 AM  

Thats a cool thing to do !!! way to go Kiruba !!

Vikram H 28/1/07 8:44 AM  

just hoping this concept works out...cant see too many people in the north signing up!

The Bhandari's 31/1/07 10:00 PM  

oh thks for the info, I will just check out both the sites and see whats there :)

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