Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Team

So finally I moved from my old department and started my stint with technical writing on monday. Am sure that itself will explain my absence in the blogworld. One of the first few surprises was that it was a little painful to leave my team and the dept people with whome I have worked since close to 3yrs. I had not expected to feel so as I was eagerly awating the change and was all excited about it.

The second surpise to me was, people actually wished me the best and were happy for me. I realised that over the period of time I managed to maintain a special relationships with some of my collegues, which is a bit too difficult for a person like who is tagged as "Not a people person". So much so a few even went to great length to make sure that I was given a nice warm farewell frm the dept. Thnk u guys

The new team on the other handwas quiet welcoming and people are very helpful and patient with me so that I can learn the work well. they may have their own ways of reservations which in the first 2 days was a bit awkard but by the 3rd day I was accepting things as is it. (Over)Socializing or fun at work activities are less in this team unlike my prev team where we used ot play housie and dum charades on th floor. The new team has its advantages too, flexible timings - yes finally after 3.5 yrs am back to day shift and for a good amt of time yeeeehhhaaaa!, u are allowed to listen to music, flexible break schedules and stuff.

Since I am in the process of learning the work as much and as soon as possible, my absence in the blogworld will prolong for soem more time.... but hey that doesnt mean that u guys stop saying hello to me.

Till next time ....


Sphinx 20/9/06 11:40 PM  

All the best for your new work :-)

Jinguchakka 22/9/06 9:27 AM  

Cool! Tech writers are becoming in demand as more and more jobs high up in the value chain come over to India.

Anonymous,  22/9/06 10:12 AM  

Good luck and congratulations.

moony 22/9/06 11:44 AM  

Congrats! wish you success in your new job! :)

Pallavi 24/9/06 12:29 AM  

Welcome to the world of Tech Writing..
And wishing you all the best.. :)

Anonymous,  24/9/06 8:34 PM  

I would surely be surprised if you opinionate yourself as "not a people person", you blend in perfectly; and the b'party you got was hearfelt; best of luck in your new assignments

anjan 25/9/06 6:33 AM  



AlterinG Abhishek 27/9/06 5:00 AM  

so finally!!
who says your not a ppl person hai???

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