Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cranky World

cry baby, originally uploaded by ★RedBull★.

Has this happend to you anytime ever ?

U are hoping for something eagerly for some time now..... Out of the blue u get it.... U are super excited, want to let the whole world know, want to paint the city red, in my case blue- my favorite color..... u want people around - ur friends to be happy for u ... u want to celebrate ...... after all u have waited for it for such a long long time..... But guess what ? The world around, every single one of them is in a craky mood.... Not one soul to share ur happiness.... Now you are not happy either... u are upset because ur dear ones to u are upset .... u r upset that things are not going right for them .... u are upset because u are upset n u care not able bask in the happiest moment u have stumbled upon .... I am upset that my friends are not able to share my happiest moment

The whole world is sad then I how can I be happy :((

I pray today : "God please shower some happiness around my world... esp my friends.

Note : I came across this pic in flickr taken by Redbull... Fits the post perfectly see more of his go here


karmic_jay 30/6/06 6:54 AM  

I know what you mean. But if it was me and I was around, you might have been able to celebrate with me.
The reason? No one knows if I am cranky. I work out my crankiness during my workout or jog. This spares people around, now I might be able to talk about it without sounding cranky :)
Makes sense?
Enjoy your weekend.
Loved both the pics on this post and the prior one as well.

sophie 30/6/06 9:03 AM  

hmm...that was really nice that u pray for your friends happiness...

but yeah sometimes it happens...that the world around us is wierd...tat we would not be able to celebrate our happiness

moony 30/6/06 10:52 AM  

Wow! I am happy for you :) don't let others dampen your spirits!

Viewer 30/6/06 12:52 PM  

@karmic_jay: thnks u r such a sweetheart.

@sophie: well more than that i wish people get back to thei good old mood yaar

@moony : thnks dear i will try to

AlterinG Abhishek 1/7/06 2:14 AM  


KO Ho gaye! :-O

very cute pic!!

livinghigh 1/7/06 6:01 AM  

aw shucks, slap that cranky world-kid and HOLLER ure good news out to the world. the competing noise will make them SHUT THE EFF UP!

Anand 3/7/06 12:31 AM  

thats sad!!..But a very nice thot from ur end!
Its prayers like these which make the world a better place!
Hope u find someone to share ur happiness soon!

The Bhandari's 3/7/06 2:27 AM  

yup do happens sometimes, anyways am happy that u are happy, mind to share ur happiness with us :)
Loved the pic too

Silky Moon 3/7/06 8:41 AM  

Really nice picture that goes with the post.

Hope your happiness makes your friend to cheers....

Nice post.. Yes, we can feel happy if our dears and nears are not happy... if they are blue... God bless you dear

Madhooo 3/7/06 11:25 PM  

You just put my thoughts aloud. What you have mentioned is very true. It has happenned to me manytimes. I think happiness is more maningful when you share it with ur near and dear ones, isn't it?:)

Ekta 4/7/06 8:21 PM  

It happens so many times...just when ur happy everyone ard u i gloomy and vice versa..but that life..sigh!:-)

Viewer 5/7/06 9:29 AM  

@anad @the bhadaris @alterabhishek: thnks for ur concern dear ... yeah me too luved th pic
@sliky moon : me too luv the pic
@livinghigh: Hell yeah :) Long timesince i saw u around here ? whts up?
@madhoo @ekta : Thnks dear

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