Monday, May 01, 2006


Waiting, originally uploaded by 360 degree viewer.

Took this pic of my friend, i really liked the way the picture has turned out... Dont know what is wit me and black and white photographs :)


sophie 1/5/06 8:44 PM  

wow..its excellent da

sthupit girl 1/5/06 9:03 PM  

its looks damn good... the light and all is perfecto!

The Bhandari's 1/5/06 9:31 PM  

awesome will I say :) feel like making a sketch out of this :)

Madhooo 2/5/06 2:19 AM  

Cool! I love black and white photographs too. There is something very special about them, isn't it?:)

Raj 2/5/06 6:37 AM  

yup,the world looks more colourful in black and white!

karmic_jay 2/5/06 7:13 AM  

Nice picture. I think b/w pics help you strip out the color and focus on the emotions in the photo. I could be wrong but heck it's just an opinion.

D'pak 2/5/06 12:59 PM  

grey shades speak more than the hues! Neat Work! eager to see the entire 360 degree views!!!!!
Keep Going!

Tenali 4/5/06 11:38 AM  

Lookout a wire is coming out of the head and powering the lamp above.

Nice SHOT.

AlterinG Abhishek 4/5/06 8:45 PM  

this is rheal good..
ad if in color, it would have lost impact

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