Thursday, May 18, 2006


His eyes speak a zillion unsaid words
So even in silence we feel comfortable in each others company.

His smile is the cutest of all I have seen
I can walk through hell If I am assured his smile at the end of the journey.

His hair is the silkiest among all the silks
And after a tiriing day its the ultimate luxury for me to run my fingers through them.

His touch is the most sensuous of all what I have experienced
When he touches me, a 1000 watts electric current pass through me.

Yet strange it is that I cant sum up my feelings for him.
Guess somethings in Life are better when its undefined......

Warning : Please dont mistake me to be love struck after reading this cause that is not the case at all !!
Its justa lame attempt at poetry or is it peotry at all ?


Jinguchakka 18/5/06 10:08 PM  

The very fact that you have started trying your hand at poetry makes me suspicious that you might be love-struck! Leave alone the topic of your poetry.

Viewer 19/5/06 8:01 AM  

@jinguchakka: LOL

moony 19/5/06 11:53 AM  

aha!!something brewing?!

Anu 20/5/06 12:01 AM  

Ahem.. did u see a short guy with arrows running ard..I think cupid just struck you :))


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