Monday, October 03, 2005

Wild Saturday ......

All I had expected was a neat little get together where sober minds had a little fun and got to know each other ..... I had planned to return home after a couple of hrs and have a good relaxing Sunday to myself ........

I wasn't prepared for what had happened last Saturday night ......

Glasses tinkled, the boom box blasted, toasts were made, shots were gulped and bodies moved to the rhythm of the latest item hits and English classics.........

All was well ( read for some time ) with the get together planned to welcome us (a couple of us ) to the new Team.....

But after 2 shots of tequila the tables turned and the actual team members were no where to be seen at all. We ( new comers) all were enjoying the moment on our own not bothering what the rest of the world thought of us.... ( I know what they must have thought " What the f*** are these bunch of crazy people doing in a pub ........ Breaking glasses, bottles, and dancing in whatever congested place it had????????" )

I do admit that I too got carried away & I not a wee bit guilty for having the most fun filled night out in ages but nevertheless I don't think I repeat history again ...... atleast not in the next couple of weeks , months ........ :)))))))))


Jinguchakka 3/10/05 7:18 PM  

Never regret what you did!
Never do what you might regret!
And happily you live ever after!
Thanks for making my day by welcoming back in my blog.

King Kong 5/10/05 10:29 AM  

I have good memories of those days.. it was fun when we used to have those kind of parties but now we have bit different kind.. Good that you enjoyed.

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