Friday, September 30, 2005

Just out of Big Time Bloggers Block !

Had been going through BIG Time Bloggers Block and finally the words started pouring out of my head & blogger was down for maintainence.....darn I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!
I have realised that my mind only works when I sit quietly (ofcourse doing my work and minding my business) in my cubicle.... Since with the traning and stuff I have not been able to sit peacefully for even a minute......

Ok now some Updates.....

Finally got over with my training and settled down with the project, although there is still lot to learn......

This Saturday the entire (new) team is going out to a local pub .... a get together to welcome US- the new team members...... This should be fun !!!!!!!!!!

A Big Ging Bang of 25 people from office are planning to go to Goa for this Thanksgiving..... I too am gonna join them as I have never been to Goa, and what better way to have fun in Goa than with 25 fun loving, wild people whose sole motto is "Party till u fall dead!!" .....

Too excited about the trip, so much so I cross my fingers so that the plan materializes with out any last moment f***ups.

I dont think there has been a better time than now in the entire year for me

Enjoy ur Weekend !


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